19. september 2018

Nyt gratis rygestoptilbud til virksomheder




Businesses can now give the smokers a handshake


- If a company can gather at least eight employees for a smoking stay, I would like to go to the company, says Tina Kreutzer, the company's smoking stop consultant.

Holdet mødes seks gange på timer. It can take place both inside and outside of working hours.

Tina Kreutzers erfaring er, at der er flere fordele, når kolleger stopper i fællesskab:

- Man can support each other when the smoking event melts and celebrates each other when it goes well. And then it's easier to make a mess in the habits when there are more. For example, do something else instead of smoking in the breaks.

It does not matter if the employees work in the same department. Måske tværtimod:

- I have experienced that communities suddenly arise across the company when the employee in the accounting department and the employee in production work towards a common goal called smoking cessation.

På rygestopholdet, participants receive Learn how to use them, so they can easily break them. In addition, participants get techniques to keep their thoughts away from tobacco and knowledge about health gains, addiction, and how to keep weight, etc. The teaching form is varied with film, audio, pictures, presentation and experience exchange, where there is always room for a good laugh.

Are you interested in a non-binding conversation about the offer? Så kontakt Tina Kreutzer direkte på mail






Tina Kreutzer, rygestopkonsulent, tlf. 30 52 97 83 eller

Tina har undervisning fra kl. 10-12 onsdag, mænd ringer tilbage så hurtigt som muligt.